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The bemer | a revolutionary blood circulating device

Applications of the BEMER boosts your body's ability to circulate blood. Regenerate your body's muscles and mental stimulus through electromagnetism.

The BEMER was designed in Germany and currently supports over 1.2 million users in over 40 countries. While the device is relatively new to the United States, it is currently being used in over 4,000 hospitals, clinics and universities throughout Germany alone. BEMER is approved as a Class 1 Medical Device in the United States and is used not only for circulation therapy as a medical device, but as a high performance sports device by sports teams all over the world, including the Arizona Diamondbacks right here in Phoenix!



the nature of bemer therapy

The major purpose of BEMER therapy is to improve blood circulation, which in turn supports the body's natural self-regulating processes. Blood cells act as the body's transportation vessels and are responsible for bringing oxygen, nutrients, immunity cells and chemical messengers to all the major organs of the body.

To have a healthy, functioning body, we rely on the blood in our bodies to adequately nourish the cells, tissues and organs. Our blood is also responsible for removing all the metabolic waste products that gather throughout our body. With optimal regulation of blood circulation our bodies are capable of sustaining top levels of health and fitness.


major benefits of using a bemer

The BEMER is a device that was designed specifically as a preventive health device, or in other words, a device designed to keep the body performing at peak health. When the body is performing at  the peak of it's health, then you are capable of reaching your peak mental and physical abilities. Below is a list of some of the benefits of BEMER therapy:

  • Enhanced Supply and Disposal
  • Better General Blood Flow
  • More Strength and Energy
  • Enhanced Cardiac Function
  • Anti-Aging
  • Better Concentration
  • More Physical Fitness
  • Better Performance
  • Sleep Management
  • Stress Reduction


Demonstration of white blood cell improvement

explaining the technology behind the bemer



bemer sessions

At this point you may wonder; What does a BEMER session require? For all the benefits that a BEMER provides, to reach the maximum amounts of benefits only requires two 8-minute sessions, for a total of 16 minutes a day! The BEMER is such a non-invasive product, that you can put the mat down on your couch, lay down and turn it on while you watch TV.

Will I feel anything? While some user experiences are different, more than likely you will not even notice that anything is happening. However, some users report a light feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation. Where the effects of the BEMER are most noticeable are after application and then users start to notice a gradual improvement in their every day lives.



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