Meditation Practices for Optimal Living


Discover all the areas of practice that Pam Aguas has to offer for her meditation services and see what works best for you!


8-Week Program Designed for Success

My program is made of effective, stimulating workshops to support health and well being. My goal in these workshops is to provide all the tools to bring a daily meditation practice into your life.

My goal is to provide meditation training that is both stimulating and effective. The benefits will show up through improved health and well being.

What has your attention now? Are you living a present moment life?  When you live in this present moment space, you are more available mentally, physically and emotionally.

As you become experienced in the art of training your attention, you reclaim the power to live your life consciously. You no longer experience life happening to you. Instead, you recognize that life is happening for you.


live video conferencing

Education delivery is changing rapidly, and keeping pace with evolving technology can increase outreach. With video conferencing, the classroom has become geographically limitless.  


in-person programs available on the west coast

While live video conferencing is convenient, in-person training is also available. I am located in Sedona, Arizona and have easy access to most of the western states in the United States. I am willing to travel. We can discuss the costs associated with my services where you need training to occur. To learn more about in-person meditation training, please contact me


Areas of Practice


Meditation for women

A consistent meditation practice can change your life by picking away at years of depression, anxiety, anger and stress. Meditation also helps to ease pain - whether you're suffering from back pain or menstrual cramps, meditation helps focus the mind away from pain.

Why women should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • reduce stress and create wellness
  • relieve insomnia and improve sleep
  • create patience, feel calmer and more balanced
  • feel more connected to everyone and everything

meditation for Children

A meditation practice can show improvements in children's attention and social skills as well as decrease test anxiety. In a study by the Journal of Attention Disorders, 78% of adolescents who completed an 8 week mediation study reported reported a reduction in ADHD symptoms.

Why children and teens should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • increase self-esteem
  • reduce compulsive and obsessive thought
  • improve grades and work habits
  • improve attention and social skills

meditation for men

Meditation can assist men to become more aware of their emotions and find healthy ways of dealing with these emotions. Quiet the chatter in your head and focus on being in the moment, your physical and emotional resources benefit when they have a chance to relax.

Why men should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • improve decision making skills
  • increase neuroplasticity
  • increase mental clarity and memory
  • heighten social awareness and empathy

Meditation for Family

It has been shown that family that meditates together typically finds that their home life grows more harmonious and blissful. There is more time for nourishing interactions when stress is released during meditation, instead of through outbursts and arguments.

Why families should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • improve family communication
  • increase feeling of safety and support
  • increase present moment awareness
  • increase compassion towards oneself and others


meditation for couples

Couple meditation is a simple and powerful way to relax together, to form a more secure bond and improve communication. Bring your breathing into alignment with your partner's and allow yourself to become more receptive and responsive to each other.

Why couples should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • improve communication
  • increase self-awareness and self-compassion
  • improve emotional and mental engagement
  • increase sense of compassion and fulfillment

Meditation for the workplace

Meditation starts with the individual and accumulates, positively impacting the employee's performance and the performance of the business as a whole. Clarity and focus are crucial to the success of any business, both of these are a byproduct of meditation.

Why employers should engage in mindfulness practices:

  • reduce and avoid stress and burnout
  • increase mental concentration, clarity and awareness
  • expand work/life balancing skills
  • enhance creativity, productivity and communication